Sunday, March 17 MR Mizza Renato had the pleasure to attend the event "St. Joseph the Worker" promoted by Confartigianato,

which was attended by personalities such as the president of the region Renzo Tondo, the national president of Confartigianato Companies Lace George, Mayor of Codroipo, which hosted the 'event, Fabio Marchetti, President of the Province of Udine, Pietro Fontanini, the provincial president Confartigianato, Graziano Tilatti, and many others.

During the 'event we have been praised all entrepreneurs who lavish love and professionalism in their businesses despite the unfavorable period development.

A praise to the sponsors of the evening that they did not forget to spare a thought for entrepreneurs victims of the crisis. Finally the 'event Confartigianato wanted to reward the virtuous and entrepreneurs, to the holder of MR Mizza Renato, Balzarotti Ambrose, was presented with a Certificate of Merit for entrepreneurial skills, professionalism and passion demonstrated in the conduct of their company. This recognition proud of all the staff of MR Mizza Renato expressing heartfelt thanks to customers, suppliers, employees, partners, associations, and more generally all those with whom he has had the pleasure to work and collaborate, and finally the same for Confartigianato his presence in our journey.