MR Mizza Renato, for the line BAGLEM chose the Italian IMQ-body for certification - to ensure its customers the security of a product capable of withstanding the most demanding challenges, thanks to the tests carried out by the certification. The guarantee given by the IMQ mark is universally recognized because the same company is certified by ACCREDIA - Italian Accreditation Body - the only national body authorized by the State to carry out accreditation. At the same time the mark is registered BAGLEM, that distinguishes the professional components, manufactured by MR Mizza Renato-certified.

Thanks to the commitment and perseverance expended in the design and manufacture of products BAGLEM, in March 2011 IMQ affix his mark on all the lamps tested, able to successfully overcome all the trials which have been subjected. BAGLEM product development, in addition to technical and mechanical skills, had a considerable weight, even the environmental factor, in fact everyone involved in the development are committed to achieving environmentally friendly components throughout the life cycle. The system eliminates all the disposable batteries needed to competing products, reduces energy consumption to a minimum and is able to operate in total autonomy, ensuring signaling in case of failures due to the emergency lighting. After the service the products are not intended for storage in landfills, but a high number of components are fully recyclable and reusable. The team of MR Mizza Renato is proud to offer a product conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in Italy by a craftsman, capable of meeting the technical specifications of the international level, and remember that it is committed to developing new products that respond to even more extreme demands.


Consumers and buyers are increasingly attentive to the safety and reliability of what they buy. The Mark of Quality is safety and it shows. And visible guarantee for customers of the products conform to European standards. - The Mark of Quality is no evidence that the product, before being placed on the market, has been submitted by IMQ, an independent third party to whom it produces, and markets, all the tests necessary to verify compliance with safety requirements and that production is subject to constant surveillance. - The presence of IMQ is supportive to the authorities responsible for market surveillance. - The IMQ mark is known by three Italian and is recognized internationally.


Who has got the license to use the IMQ for materials and electrical equipment has a certificate of having fulfilled the requirements of European standards to which the Directive 2006/95/EC (known as Low Voltage) refers to the verification of compliance with essential requirements. Compliance with European standards demonstrated by the IMQ is therefore an important tool that the manufacturer has available to meet its obligations under the directives for the CE marking. In addition, the manufacturer can demonstrate that they have built products according to the state of the art in accordance with the provisions of the law.